Thursday, January 8, 2015

Celebrity Secret: Hair Extensions


Ever wonder how stars like Jessica Alba can be spotted with a funky bob and long waves within the same week? It's all about hair extensions. And they're now a widely accessible option to non-celebs looking for instantly longer locks.

While different types of hair extension exists, we recommend using only natural ones. But regardless of the type, extensions will always add tension to the hair. To limit any possible damage, it's important to consult with only Licensed Professionals certified in Hair Extensions.

Almost anyone is a candidate for extensions. However, those with extremely fine hair or top-of-head balding should be cautious. Healthy, shoulder-length hair typically accepts extensions best.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Extend the Life of Your Extensions

Model 112

Done right, extensions can completely transform your look!   With so much potential, it's important that you know exactly how to maintain these luscious locks.

Because Hair Extensions are not connected to your scalp, they’re not subjected to the natural oil that secretes from the scalp, so it's not necessary to shampoo them as frequently as you shampoo natural hair.  Like a great pair of jeans, washing them only when necessary helps  keep them looking fantastic, longer.     

1. Before shampooing, gently remove all tangles. If hair is excessively tangled, a spray-on conditioner should be used.
2. Always use a mild, professional-grade shampoo, such as those specifically formulated for chemically treated hair.
3. Place a small amount of shampoo on your fingers, gently work the shampoo into the hair, always stroking downward from the scalp area to the ends.
4. Do not twist, scrub or rub the hair.
5. Use shampoo sparingly.

Conditioning the Extensions
For the best result and to avoid product buildup, only use the professional conditioning products that are recommended by your stylist.
2. While the extensions are still wet, use a large-toothed styling comb to remove tangles.  To minimize breakage, comb out the tangles in a gentle downward motion starting at the ends and working up to the base.                                                    3. If using a blow dryer, avoid high heat.

Steam rollers, wet setting or a dry set are the safest way to curl your extensions.
2. Blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and other thermal styling tools can be used on low settings, never set higher than 350 degrees. Remember, temperature settings higher than 350 degrees will rob the hair of its moisture, create frizz and potentially burn the hair.


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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Real Deal: Secrets to Undetectable Extensions

By Lauren Margrave

Model 111If there is one salon service that’s trending right now, it’s hair extensions. More clients than ever before are realizing that the longer, thicker hair of their inner hottie is actually achievable with the help of a good brand of hair extensions and a talented stylist. “That’s me!” we hear you cry. Yes, it is, but as more salons begin to appreciate the profitability of this lucrative service, the pressure is on to stand out from the crowd by providing the most natural-looking creations possible. Here are the secrets to keeping it real and ensuring your clients’ extra hair looks as natural as their own.

First things first. To get the most natural-looking extensions, “it’s important to use a system that helps create the most natural look and feel,” says Dorian Thomas,Hairdreams National New Accounts Director. “Use 100 percent real human hair with the cuticle intact and the flattest bonds, which will lay flat and as close to the scalp as possible,” he recommends.

Dreamcatchers Educator, Katherine Lewis, agrees that to get a truly natural look, it’s imperative to work with a quality product. Then it is up to the stylist to get the color match, placement and execution exactly right. She says: “Make sure the color match is perfect, whether it’s a solid color or using multiple colors to blend and give dimension to the final look. Placement is everything, and be sure to use the appropriate amount of extensions for your client’s look, as well as their lifestyle.”

Techniques for Cutting and Styling
“Point- and slide-cutting are some of my favorite techniques to blend extensions into the natural hair,” advises Aurezu Kuhzarani, Director of Education at Hotheads Hair Extensions. “Point-cutting is ideal for shaping a soft and natural perimeter for your client’s extensions. When layering the extensions into the natural hair, use the client’s shortest layer as your guide. Take thin, vertical sections (about 1/3 of the width of the adhesive band) and slide-cut to the ends of the extensions. This creates movement within the hair and helps blend in the shortest pieces of the client’s natural hair.”

Darren Brokaw, Great Lengths USA Creative Director and Owner of J Brokaw Solutions for Hair in St. Louis, MO, agrees, noting that blending and cutting extensions should always be done using soft techniques with blending shears, razor or point-cutting. If using a razor blade, it should be a fresh one. Katherine Lewis adds, “I like to use a standard Feather blade to produce a little more texture, and make the hair look more natural. Also, framing around the front is a must! There is nothing worse than looking like “Cousin It” from the Addams Family. Layers help, as well, to give the final look more movement and make it easier for the client to style at home.”

When it comes to styling, as long as you have a quality extension product, the possibilities are endless. “Since Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions are made with virgin European hair, they can be styled the same way a client would style her own hair,” explains Ron King, Creative Director of Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions from House of European Hair. “Always thoroughly dry the bonds after shampooing or wetting the hair, and never apply a thermal tool directly to the bond. Use hot rollers or Velcro rollers to create a style with volume and body, and use a flat iron to create a sleek look or a more defined curl.”

Regardless of how you or your clients style extensions, don’t forget to use protection! Heat protectant products will prolong the life of extensions and maintain hair integrity.


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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pieces of Perfection

Is your client unimpressed with her natural locks? No problem. Today's refined hairpieces make instant transformation possible.

Pieces of Perfection P1It used to be that if one was born with thin tresses or chopped off her waist-length mane in a precipitous post-breakup fit of self-assertion, options were limited to cursing genetics or praying for miraculous overnight growth. But recent hair extension innovations have changed the game, making It possible for every pixie to boast flowing Lady Godiva locks (witness Beyoncé’s recent head-turning transformation from shorn waif to bobbed beauty). "Clients young as 20 and old as 80 are in on the craze, along with cancer survivors and those suffering medical-related stress loss," says Vikki Parman, CEO of Oi Biase Hair USA. Agrees Ultratress Top Business Development Executive Rhonda McCarthy, "Most women can benefit from extensions-whether their hair is thinning or they simply want added length and volume." Extensions provide instant fullness, yet not all are created equal. Adhesion methods differ, as do the hair types used.

Remy hair is collected from a single human source. Ponytails are cut precisely to keep the hair filaments running in a uniform direction. This looks natural, feels silky and prevents breakage. Most Remy products are acquired in India. "European hair is overly fragile, while Chinese offerings are too thick, making both unfit for the special applications required," explains Stephanie Veissier, Co-Owner of So.Cap, Original USA Hair Extensions. Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, comes from multiple donors. Ergo the roots don't align, so it's treated in a hydrochloric acid bath to strip away cuticles-and, consequently, moisture. This results in brittle bristles prone to tangling. Other options exist, too. Technological advancements have improved the quality of synthetic fibers, making them lightweight and durable, so products such as International Hair Goods' Micro Point Solutions are perfect for those suffering from hair thinning and loss.

Once devised, hairpieces can be fastened via various techniques. Strand-by-strand bonding is the most labor-intensive process {prep for up to three hours in a stylist's chair), and thus the priciest. But such extensions last four to six months, depending on the rate of natural hair growth. And-when done right-they're virtually undetectable. Warm fusion bonding uses pliers to heat the keratin in each faux lock and attach it to small scalp sections. Nearly identical is cold fusion bonding, which employs ultrasonic waves to form the keratin connection.

Weft extensions are both cost-friendlier and quicker to apply, wherein a track several inches long is secured one row at a time, rather than strand by strand. "Application can take five minutes for several samples and less than an hour to complete the full head," marvels Nikki Hamilton, Platinum Seamless Sales and Marketing Director. Wefts sewn into braided cornrows were once popular, but these days, polyurethane tape is often employed, as it binds snugly. "Clients further love this system because it eliminates the risk of burning occasionally associated with bonding," says Okyo Sthair, Sales Director at Simplicity Hair Extensions. The cons? Weft extensions are more visible to the human eye, and allergic glue reactions have been reported. Snap-on pieces require the least commitment and can lend lustrous thickness to any waning mane in seconds. "Our four-clip system functions like a barrette set," says Top Secret Haircessory CEO Denise Rossouw, who explains that these prodUCts allow women to dramatically change up their styles in mere moments. "In less than a minute, your client can look like a different person!" Different in design yet equally simple to employ is the Halo Couture custom-fit microfilament wire that snuggles atop heads. Each boasts more than 100 grams of Remy hair, yet weighs only 3.5 ounces. "If you can wear a bra, you can wear our heavenly extension," laughs Founder Tina Owens. Fine-fibered ladies may find fault with clip-ins, as they tend to peek through natural hair, but teasing 'dos both above and below the clip or wire will provide needed coverage. Finally, for those who crave maximum concealment, Gemtress is a viable option, "Our wigs are synonymous with comfort and style," shares McCarthy, who is also part of the Gemtress team. "Each product requires a special certification for dealing with medical hair-loss clients." Proving that, regardless of need, there exists a perfect hairpiece for every individual. - By FRANCESCA MOISIN


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Monday, January 28, 2013

Keratin – Miraculous Care from the Inside Out

Beautiful Woman Portrait. Long Brown Hair

Some, but not all people are blessed with a full head of healthy hair. We want to help if you wish for stronger, healthier hair. Your best ally in achieving healthy manageable hair is the hair building block keratin. While you may have heard about keratin quite often, the role of keratin in hair care may not be quite as familiar. Stay tuned to pick up some essentials on keratin and its miraculous effects in hair care

90 % of every hair consists of keratin and (dependent on the moisture in the environment) 5 – 10 % are water; minor hair constituents are lipids (fat), pigments, and minerals. Keratin is a fibrous protein, which gives strength and elasticity to the inner and outer hair structure. The keratin protein consists of long peptide chains, which form strong filaments. The composition of the peptide chains determines the structure of individual filaments. Hair filaments may turn around their long axis, bend or even fold.

Intact keratin is not only elastic but also insoluble in water. Keratin is able to tolerate extreme temperatures both on the high and low side. Thanks to keratin, hair is built to withstand (or at least tolerate for a while) the hot rays of the summer sun and bitter winter cold as well as the heat of styling aids like curling irons, flat irons, hot curlers and other heated tools.

Hair with sufficient intact keratin is well equipped to withstand the onslaught of environmental stressors. Still, persistent exposure to stress will finally do some damage to the long strings of keratin, which are responsible for keeping the shape of every hair intact. Once keratin is broken down into small enough strings, it becomes water soluble and will be washed away.

Keratin Strengthens Hair

If your hair is damaged or if you want to straighten and strengthen your hair or make it more resilient to stress, there is no reason not to enjoy the advantages of one of the many hair care and styling products with keratin.

Keratin is added as intensely potent ingredient to hair care products because it strengthens hair by improving the hair structure from the inside out. As a result, your hair will regain its healthy natural structure. Keratin fills gaps and breaks in the hair shaft to make hair suppler, shinier and easier to style.

By the way, keratin does have its place as ingredient not only in hair care products but also in styling aids like mousse and hairsprays. All these products may contain liquid forms of keratin as ingredients, which are identical to the natural keratin in human hair. Keratin-containing hair care products provide hair with optimal protection against moisture loss. You will also enjoy the ease of achieving excellent styling results. 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Hair Cosmetics – Wellness all Around

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First we huddle indoors in dry heated air and then suddenly, we weather bone-chilling temperatures and icy winds. Winter can be hard on skin and hair. Both need extra care when old man winter comes knocking. Why not treat yourself and your hair to a wellness day? How about a hair spa day? All you need is a little time and the right cosmetics to bring back the natural beauty not only of your hair. There are also a few clever tricks we like to tell you about

  • Hair endures quite a bit of rough treatment in the cold season. It is exposed to heated indoor air for hours and then suddenly has to cope with icy temperatures outside. Hair also does not at all take well to scratchy woollen hats. Pampering stressed winter hair starts with shampoo combined with hair cosmetics and a quick relaxing Shiatsu massage. Simply shampoo your hair as usual, rinse it well and apply a conditioner. Now put the palms of your hands and your interlaced fingers on top of your head and gently push your scalp toward the front, back and either side. Finally, put the tips of all ten fingers on top of your head and apply slight pressure. Then rinse out the conditioner and enjoy the invigorating effect of the massage. Your scalp is going to feel relaxed and so will you!

  • Hair Cosmetics: Power for Wimpy Hair

    Cold wind, dry indoor air and heavy hoods can leave hair in a pitiful state. Lifeless and without natural bounce it is the very image of distress. It is not easy to whip winter hair into shape unless you use some rich care cosmetics to infuse your hair with new life. Conditioners, hair treatments, and intensive conditioning masks turn your hair from limp and shapeless to beautiful and bouncy. If your winter hair needs intensive care conditioners with valuable lipids like Argan, Macadamia, apricot kernel and Jojoba oil are the right prescription. In the cold season, hair needs such a mixture of fat and moisture at least once a week. Remember to apply the nourishing hair cosmetics only where they are needed. Otherwise, you hair could start to look a bit bedraggled especially near the roots.

  • Hair Cosmetics: All is Well that Ends Well!

    Upturned collars, thick mufflers and turtle neck sweaters can roughen up the ends of the hair. However, the right kind of hair cosmetics quickly mend split ends. Split end fluid contains silicone oil, which coats the hair ends with a very thin film and holds the split ends together. In an instant, the hair ends look healthier and much less shaggy. One or two drops of split end fluid are usually enough to mend all split ends. If you use too much of the silicone oil your hair may start looking drenched and heavy with conditioners. Apply the split end fluid by rubbing one or two drops between the tips of your fingers. Then use your fingers to work the split end fluid only into the towel-dry hair ends. If needed work another drop of split end fluid into the ends of your hair after blow-drying.

  • Hair Cosmetics: Tricks to Ground Fly-Away Hair

    Hair reacts in special ways to dry indoor air and icy outdoor weather. The result is often fly-away hair.  Your hair is going to look tousled and overall unruly if you allow your wet hair to dry while it is in disarray. This can be easily prevented through the use of conditioners or leave-in moisturising sprays with Shea butter, glycerol, panthenol or silk proteins. Aside from making good use of these conditioners, using the right styling tools also keeps your hair from lifting off. Using an ionic hair dryer reduces static electricity and leaves your hair much more amenable to styling. A gold-plated hair brush also prevents the build-up of static electricity and therefore keeps the hair from standing on end. When coming in from the cold wait a while before combing or brushing your hair in the dry air of a heated room. Keep a little hair oil at hand. It is a good weapon against fly-away hair. A trace of oil can magically turn stressed fly-away tousles into supple, shiny hair.

  • Hair Cosmetics: Standing Power for Clinging Hair

    Hats are fun and they are trendy right now. However, they can ruin a hair style. The hair just keeps clinging to the scalp after taking off the hat. Start preventive measures against this hat effect by selecting shampoos and conditioners, which are made for fine hair.  These hair care series contain nourishing collagen and special hair components like keratin. Use a silicone-free formula, which will not weigh you hair down and will not cause it to cling even more to your scalp. Hair cosmetics such as styling mousse or sprays provide your hair with long-lasting bounce. Styling mousse or sprays strengthen and invigorate individual hairs and therefore add volume to your hair. It is important to apply these products only near the roots where they are needed not to the ends.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Make Hair Grow Longer

Model 66As I am sure you have heard, if you cut your hair frequently your hair will grow in faster, longer, and healthier.

Gobbledygook! This myth came from the observation of men’s facial hair. As they shaved, the facial hair would indeed grow in thicker. Its called, ‘puberty.’

This is because certain male hormones affect facial hair in that manner. They do not affect the hair on the head in the same way.

To the contrary. Male hormonal activity is what leads to hair thinning and loss on certain parts of the head, but not all. Hence the familiar balding pattern known as ‘male pattern baldness.’ This same hormonal activity also affects women, but not until much later in life, and in a different pattern.

Cutting your hair only makes it shorter, does not affect the growth rate one iota, and cannot determine the length that your hair will grow to. Maximum hair length is determined by the shape and width of the hair shaft, and that is determined genetically and is not alterable with current technology.

Lastly, hair is neither healthy or unhealthy. It is in fact, dead. Else, it would really hurt to cut it. It is the health of the hair follicle below the outer skin that requires nutrients for good health, and deminished adverse hormonal activity.

So, unless you have split ends or chemically damaged hair, the only need to cut your hair is for the look that you want.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Before I started to work with my hair and not against it, I would towel dry it and then brush it, which left me looking like I had a fight with a power socket and lost – badly. Now I only brush my hair in the shower after I have washed it. Practicing this tip for managing curly hair means that your hair gets a good brushing but as it is wet the strands don’t separate and cause fuzz.
By Naomi Louise

Reprinted by permission of Hair & Compounds Inc. A Vanity Hair Extensions Supplier.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Model 51

Blondes aren’t the only bombshells these days, according to a study of 2,000 men conducted by social network site Badoo.  A third of those polled (33.1%) said they found brown hair the most attractive, and 28.6% had a preference for black.  Only 29.5% of voters preferred blondes, while redheads trailed with 8.8%.  Are you surprised by the findings?  Or the out come what you would expect?

Article provided by Beauty Launchpad.  October 2012 Issue.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3 Top Red Carpet Trends For Fall: Urban French Twist, Undone Wave, Modern Movie Star

At Cutler Salon in New York, Matrix celebrity stylist Nathan Rosenkranz often fails to recognize his famous clients.  But it makes no difference.  “Whether I know who they are or not, whether they’re famous or not, I treat every client like a celebrity,” he laughs.

In preparation for the fall red carpet season, Nathan has identified three key trends that he believes will suit many of the high-profile models and actresses who turn to him for pre-event primping.  And in keeping with Nathan’s “every woman is a celebrity” point of view, these looks are also perfect for dances, weddings, parties and other events at which the paparazzi aren’t necessarily present!

Red Carpet Trend #1: Does She or Doesn’t She? Waves
The uniform “beach wave” will give way to a more natural configuration this season, manifesting in a wave pattern that leaves people wondering whether the texture is natural or created.  Before heading to a swanky event for a top cosmetics brand, European actress and model Elisa Sednaoui stopped off in Nathan’s chair and the undone wave was born. After prepping her fine, damp hair lengths with Matrix Design Pulse Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse and the roots with Total Results Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter, Nathan dried the hair with a large, round brush to create maximum volume.  Next, he wrapped sections around a large-barrel, open curling iron, omitting the final inch to inch-and-a-half at the ends.  Once the waves cooled, he lightly tousled her hair with his fingers and misted with Matrix Vavoom ShapeMaker Extra-Hold Hairspray.

Red Carpet Trend #2: The Urban French Twist
Think the Bohemian section of Paris, rather than a high-class arrondissement—the Urban French Twist is more casual and careless than its polished, uptown cousin.  Nathan reveals that he recently created two versions of his twisted “twist”—on actress and television personality China Chow and pouty supermodel Lindsey Wixson.
“I did Lindsey for a public appearance and she wanted to wear her hair up,” he says.  “To get the look, I prepped her damp hair with Matrix Design Pulse Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse to support her thick strands.  I dried it and then set it directionally with a curling iron to create volume and control.”  Once Lindsey’s hair cooled, Nathan brushed through and fashioned a classic French twist.  Then he loosened the look with his fingers, roughing-up select strands to create a “lived-in” texture.  Before Lindsey headed out the door, he misted her twist with Design Pulse Hard Lock Extra Strong Hold Hairspray.

A short time later, Nathan created a similar look for Bravo TV’s China Chow.  As with Lindsey, he prepped China’s coarse, strong, damp strands with Matrix Design Pulse Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse before drying and setting her hair for volume. After releasing the curls, he worked a small amount of Matrix Total Results Sleek Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil through his hands and raked his fingers through China’s hair to add shine.  He fashioned a classic French twist, but allowed the ends to remain unsecured, directing them downward for an irreverent effect.  As a finishing touch, he misted her hair with Biolage Shine Endure Spritz and tucked an exotic orchid behind her ear!

Red Carpet Trend #3: Modern Movie Star
A modern blow dry set, directed away from the face, recalls the sexy Hollywood style of Marilyn and Rita.  Nathan’s version featured a looser wave than the ‘40s and ‘50s version, but maintains all of the polish of the originals. A center part also updates the look.  He recently created the look for leggy TV personality and current Clooney squeeze Stacy Keibler, who was performing as “bartender” at a celebrity event for a beverage company.  To begin, Nathan prepped damp hair with his favorite cocktail for style support: Matrix Design Pulse Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse and Total Results Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter. He performed a blow dry “set” with a medium round brush, clipping each barrel curl in place after shaping. As the curls cooled, Nathan misted hair with Matrix Vavoom ShapeMaker Medium-Hold Hairspray. After removing the clips, he raked through the curls with a few drops of Matrix Total Results Sleek Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil to separate and shape the curls and direct the hair up and away from the face.  He finished off the look with a bit more Vavoom ShapeMaker Hairspray.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Analyzing Remy Hair Extensions

VHE Web Photos 039Remy hair extensions has become a common phrase to use as a mark of quality for selling hair extensions that often has nothing to do with reality and more to do with marketing. Hair & Compounds has a research lab that we often use to help us determine if a particular hair processing method or product used upon the hair extensions is actually beneficial or not. We also on occasion will help businesses in the industry determine the claims and authenticity of the human hair they purchase. Just about every distributor and manufacturer out there claims they have Remy hair extensions, but very few actually do. A good example is another internet distributor called Doll Hair Galore that made the news with their poorly made hair extensions that were more than likely produced with low-grade heavily processed hair. Unfortunately, there is no regulation to make hair extension suppliers tell the truth.

Recently, a new customer of Hair & Compounds requested they analyze some Remy hair extensions she purchased from another company (not the above mentioned hair extension supplier) that claimed the hair was 100% Remy virgin unprocessed human hair. She had spent a lot of time and money with the company and was frustrated with the complaints she was receiving from her customers. They took her into the lab so she could see them preparing the strands for microscopic analysis and see the evidence for herself. To set a baseline, they asked her to pull a strand of her own hair out of her scalp to examine.

What Remy hair extensions should look like:

The first step in determining if Remy hair extensions are truly Remy, with cuticles and prepared root to tip, is to examine the roots, mid-shaft and ends of the hair fiber. It is fairly normal for cuticles to be missing or worn down near the ends of the hair strands, but thick and healthy near the roots. We captured an image of the hair fiber about mid-shaft with 3500 high magnification and as you can see in the image below, there are cuticles scales in normal condition. The fractured edges are a result of brushing, combing and other mechanical forces. The spots and globs upon the cuticles are hair care treatment residues. In some areas it appears the layers of cuticles are nearly welded together which is common with either conditioner build-up and/or hair sprays. Other than some cosmetic and basic weathering, this is very normal cuticle hair that is often styled.


Example of what is NOT Remy hair extensions:

Using the same magnification, we examined a sample of medium brown hair extensions (supposedly Remy hair extensions) also about mid-shaft of the hair strand. The absence of cuticles was glaringly obvious. Sometimes when examining processed hair we will usually find some layers of cuticles left. This hair strand was so thoroughly stripped that we could see deep cuts into the endocuticle. At the top of the photo the light is reflecting off the coating that is sporadically covering the hair. This type of coating mimics shine and smoothness and when washed away you are left with the true face of the hair. This strand is a prime example of the Non Remy hair extensions commonly sold through many brand names. Even though the cuticles have been chemically stripped from the hair strand, it will still tangle due to the roughened fractured state of the strands. Without any cuticles to give protection this hair will quickly become dull, dry and break with every brushing.


Although this customer already suspected she was being cheated, having the evidence in front of your eyes helped her understand that labels can lie. What was comforting to know is the bad hair extensions was not the result of her work. We also showed her our Remy hair extensions and she asked to see the strands for herself under the microscope. We happily obliged as this is truly the only full proof method to back up your word. If you are a stylist that wonders if the hair you are buying is truly Remy hair extensions, or if you have a hair treatment product that you would like to test on the hair extensions, please write to with your request and they will provide you with the details.

Reprinted by permission of Hair & Compounds Inc. A Vanity Hair Extensions Supplier.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

The New York Runway Report: Fall 2012

Model 49The New York fashion verdict is in. Your grandmother’s closet will be at the top of your shopping list next fall, with a retro mix of florals and lace, knit tweeds and, yes, shawls making the sartorial cut. Chic sportsmanship will be of importance as well, especially when channeling the great outdoors or reveling in the new take on military. Travel the globe in style with your arsenal of luxe essentials — fur accents and elegant embroidery required. And a host of cool options in the way of black leather or all-white means there will definitely be something for everyone.


Slightly rumpled and eccentrically layered but completely appropriate for the British Parliament, the fall runways were a brilliant mash-up of ladylike fashion. Marc Jacobs sent his girls down the runway in exaggerated shapes and cartoon-size accessories. Fuzzy sweaters, loopy crochet shawls and knubby tweeds at Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch lent a new twist to Park Avenue dressing — granny chic, indeed.   Read more: New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Trend Report - Runway Fall Fashion Trends 2012 - Harper's BAZAAR

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Grey Hair Pill

Model 47L’Oreal made headlines when they revealed they are developing a pill that will prevent grey hair, It is still in the research phase and years from release, but it sounds like great news for the future. The catch is that you would have to take this pill every day for the rest of your life, or at least until you no longer care about having grey hair. And another point is that this pill may not reverse existing grey hair. There are actually quite a lot of road blocks ahead before L’Oreal has a proof positive anti-greying pill, but this is a huge benchmark in the grey hair research.

Many are questioning the claims of L’Oreal and think they jumped the gun when there are still years of research before they can release the pill, but we know how long it takes and the many phases of research. Having a proof of concept is a huge step in any research project. Several years ago, after Isaac Bracha (President of Hair & Compounds, Inc.) received his training in Human Hair/Cosmetics Interactions Fundamentals and Methodology from Princeton, he brought back news of several research projects happening at the university. One project he told us about was developing a drug for preventing grey hair – this was in 1997! At that time, it seemed as fantastical as the project for manipulating melanin pigment to change the hair color without chemical oxidation applications. Perhaps one day there will be a pill to make one a red head or a blond!

Reprinted by permission of Hair & Compounds Inc. A Vanity Hair Extensions Supplier.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Origin of Hair Extensions

Model 41Indian Hair (aka Asian Hair, Italian Hair): A variety of fiber types from fine and straight, medium thick with body wave and curly to thick coarse hair. Italian hair is actually Indian hair that has been processed in Italy or Spain and then sold at premium prices.

- High Quantity
- Good Quality
- Variety and Low Manufacturing Cost.
-Indian hair is popular to use for custom made hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs because it can be made to resemble European hair. Although prices for Remy Indian hair increase every 2-3 months, it is still available in the less expensive non-Remy form.
- The Indian hair fiber is small in diameter compared to Chinese hair and after chemical processing can feel and look just like European hair.
- A great attribute of Indian hair is that it comes in a full range of textures and body.

- Low Quality
- Higher Retail Cost.
- Indian hair still requires quite a lot of chemical processing to make it appear as European hair. And the efforts to maintain the integrity of Remy hair and/or buy the best quality in India can increase prices closer to European hair.
- To reduce time and materials, many manufacturers choose to work with non-Remy Indian hair, which must undergo the same processes as Chinese hair that results in a poorer quality.
- Indian hair is also known to have split ends; lice and most exporters handle the hair badly.
Common Use: The remy hair is often produced as European or Italian hair for custom-made wigs and hair extensions. The non-remy hair is processed for custom-made hairpieces, less expensive wigs, and machine and hand-made hair extensions.

Chinese Hair (aka Asian Hair): This type of hair is a thick and coarse fiber that is naturally straight and dark brown to black in color.

- High Quantity
- Durability
- Low Cost

-Strongest human hair capable of withstanding multiple chemical and mechanical processes.
- Easily mass-produced.
- Comfortable to process at the manufacturing level and there is no shortage of supply.
- Ventilating a hairpiece does not require as much skill or care as with cuticle hair.
- Poor Quality.
- Chinese hair requires extensive chemical processing to output hair that simulates European texture, color and body.
- The majority of the hair is collected and processed as double drawn, non-Remy hair that requires heavy-duty chemicals to remove cuticle layers.
- It is still at a high risk for severe tangling problems because the cuticles are large and the layers are dense.
- The thick strands reflect light differently and appear 3 times as large next to Caucasian hair.
Common Use: Inexpensive off-shelf wigs, hairpieces and machine made hair extensions.

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The Mane Event

Say so long to that tangle of wavy locks. Silky straight hair is the cutting edge of fashion.

The new trend in hair is a long, pin-straight mane. Fall's runways teemed with armies of models parading waist-skimming, perfectly pressed locks. The minimalism that has dominated fashion for the past few years has finally made its way to hair, and now is the time to restore some polish to your look, starting from the top down.

"Sleek, long hair is making a comeback because women are not feeling romantic at the moment," says hairstylist Ted Gibson, whose clients include Angelina Jolie. "Designers aren't making frilly clothes, and the hair follows the fashion. There's something about long, straight hair that feels very modern and present."

There's a discipline to glossy, straight hair, a sense of order, but even if your locks refuse to be tamed, beauty experts these days are armed with a litany of products to achieve Rapunzel-like results. Unlike in fairy tales, such transformations do not occur overnight, but you can start with an assortment of high-end ingestibles to speed things along. For those who need to jump-start slow-growing hair, Sprayology's potent Hair + Nail Tonic ($26) is a good choice. It's infused with homeopathic ingredients, including the human growth hormone 30C; you simply squirt the vitamin-packed formula under your tongue for faster assimilation. Michael Van Clarke, a celebrated hairstylist to royalty and owner of one of London's most prestigious salons, has developed a hair-care line cleverly called 3 More Inches. It uses natural cashmere proteins and amino acids to inhibit the hair's aging process, keeping it as healthy and hydrated at the ends as it is at the roots. Another accelerator gaining popularity is Fembody's Hair, Nails & Skin Beauty Activator ($24.99), a supplement that contains bamboo extract, silica, and a healthy dose of biotin (the magic ingredient for boosting hair growth).

Or if you're looking for something more immediate, hair extensions—albeit significantly more costly—are the next best thing. 

For a more hands-on approach, Philip Kingsley's clinics in London and New York offer special scalp masks. The naturally stimulating treatments are massaged into the roots and scalp to encourage blood circulation while helping to improve hair texture. There's a case to be made for intense and regular scalp massages. Designer Rachel Roy admits to splurging on the weekly hot-oil variety. "It helps with stress, and my hair is healthier," she says. "Women will go get a mani once a week and it's not a big deal. So why not your head and hair?"

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who counts Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba among her clients, affirms the use of hydrating products, along with biotin supplements, for lustrous hair. "Sofia is really good about using moisturizing masks, and she takes a biotin capsule every day," Atkin says. In addition, she recommends slathering your hair with coconut and macadamia oils, taking a daily prenatal vitamin, and, if you're over 30, a fish oil tablet. "It takes three to four weeks for results to show, but usually by then everything is growing faster." Francesca Fusco, a Manhattan dermatologist, adds, "Patients are often concerned, even obsessed, with growth." Some of Fusco's clients consider extreme measures, such as asking her to treat their scalp with Latisse, the eyelash-growing solution. She maintains that some have seen results with the HairMax LaserComb, an electric comb ($495 at Neiman Marcus) that shoots red laser light at follicles to thicken hair and stimulate growth by an average of 20 percent. It's also the only at-home laser device to grow hair that has been cleared by the FDA.

Potions and processes aside, when it comes to styling the shiny, straight look at home, Gibson says that your work starts in the shower. He recommends using his Daily Cleanse shampoo ($20) and a lightweight conditioner from the L'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert line. "You don't want too much volume at the roots," he says. "I use a flat brush, such as Mason Pearson's Popular brush [$175], for the blowout," and finish with a flat iron. Remington's new Keratin Therapy Flat Iron ($50) has ceramic plates infused with a keratin-conditioner blend to prevent further damage. "It's all about shine with this look," adds Gibson, so use hair oil, either before ironing (to keep from frying your ends) or after (to banish frizz and flyaways). Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil ($38), a nongreasy formula with super-softening argan oil, can be found in every top stylist's kit.

There is no sharper beauty statement than shiny, dead-straight locks. As with well-made clothes, when the look is clean and uncluttered, you can appreciate the art of the cut.

Read more: Fall 2012 Straight Hair Trend – Straight Hair Trend for Fall 2012 - Harper's BAZAAR

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Indulge in Red Velvet without the Calories; Try Red Hair Extensions

Model 43Red Velvet is more than just a dessert, it can be a the perfect beauty accessory. Think rich luxurious flowing red hair, who wouldn't want to indulge? Lighter Ivory skin-tones look great with cool red hues. Colors in the red family with a bit of brown are very flattering on yellow-based complexions and olive skin tones look best with darker reds such as burgundy.

We have red in 7 different shades. Ginger (Red 7), Copper (Red 6), Rust (Red 5), Bronze (Red 4), Crimson (Red 3) and Merlot (Red 2).

A great way to add life and dimension to hair is to add highlights. Instead of going with the usual highlights with dye, try hair extensions. Not only does it allow you to mix multiple colors, but it also adds volume.  Some of the lighter shades are perfect as a highlighter. For example, the Ginger (Red 7) or even the Bleach 7 would accentuate a dirty blond hair color and add tons of life to dull drab hair.

Dyeing to Maintain Red Hair Color?

If you have ever had your hair dyed red, you know the upkeep it takes to keep that hue fresh and bright. Every 2 to 3 weeks, you'll need a touch up. Red hair dye is among the hardest to maintain for a simple reason. When you artificially color your hair with red dye, you are introducing color molecules that expand with the aid of hydrogen peroxide and trap themselves under the cuticle layer in the cortex. Artificial reds are the smallest molecules and are the easiest to dislodge and wash out.

Here are some techniques we can use to extend the life of red hair:
1) Anti-oxidants that can slow fading and act as a sunscreen to protect hair from sun damage.
2) Try to wash your hair as little as possible. Dry shampoo comes in handy to freshen up oily roots and maintain hair styles.
3) Use color enhancing shampoos and conditioners specifically for red shades. Most likely, they will contain less harsh substances that accelerate color loss.
4) Keep hair well moisturized with conditioners and treatments.
5) Get a Red Cellophane gloss treatment. It enhances the color, seals it and adds a glossy finish that lasts up to 6 weeks.
6) Use Cool water to wash your hair, especially when rinsing conditioner out.
7) Avoid using hair dryers and other heated styling tools.
8) Want a natural way to enhance color? Try beet juice, carrot juice or Henna; leave on for 1 hour, then rinse.

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Extension Hair Dry and Tangling?

Model 30We answer your questions - The hair is dry and tangling on the ends. Why is this happening?

All extension hair is cut hair that begins losing moisture from the moment it is cut from the scalp. After producing into hair extensions usually th...e hair has been bleached and dyed further drying out the hair. Extensions, regardless of hair type, require more care than scalp hair and must be well moisturized and protected for long wearing time.

Our Ionix line was designed and lab tested for cut hair or hair extensions. Every product was created and tested in order to moisturize, reduce friction and retain elasticity.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Care for Hair Extensions

How to Care for Hair Extensions
How to care for hair extensions should be part of the initial experience of having hair extensions installed and discussed in depth with the stylist. Everyone that habitually wears hair extensions knows that the key to keeping them looking natural and feeling silky soft is minimizing heat and mechanical stress in addition to increasing moisture content using hair treatment products. Knowing how to care for hair extensions does require as much attention as selecting and installing the right kind of human hair and hair extension attachment method. To get the best value out of the initial investment the clients must take care of their scalp, their own hair and the hair extensions and not with substandard products. Often people select their hair treatment products based on scent, cost and brand name leaving it a guessing game if the products actually do any good. 

Moisture is the most important element when understanding how to care for hair extensions!

Finding products that were formulated for dry, processed or damaged hair is a guessing game for the consumer because reading the label doesn’t inform us of what these long term ingredients mean or do for the hair. Unlike food products that at least attempt to give us information of fat, sugars, carbs and calories, very few people know what is Behentrimonium Methosulfate and what it does for the hair. And there is no regulation for descriptor phrases like “adds shine” or “repairs damaged hair”. Wondering how to care for hair extensions and having gone through the frustration of trying to solve hair tangle problems, smooth and shiny hair extensions or fixing frizzy hair in our production we know exactly how difficult it is to find a good product that will work on this type of hair. And it always comes back to moisture content and how this effects the strength of the hair.

Hair extensions are all processed in one way or another. Even virgin Russian hair has to be cleaned, drawn, hackled, blended and then made into hair extensions. By this time, it is already drying out and will continue to do so as it no longer benefits from the sebum oils of the scalp. In most cases, the hair must be bleached and dyed to color match and many manufacturers remove cuticles and apply permanent waves. This is after the hair has been worn and weathered for at least 5 years but most likely 10 years to get a good ponytail of 20″ length. Maintaining the integrity of the hair while keeping it look natural as possible is very hard work so it is critical, even in production, to work with hair treatment systems that actually give as advertised. And most hair care companies do not design their products for hair extensions nor do they know anything about how to care for hair extensions. Our workers at both the factory and in our quality control office must know how to care for the hair extensions from cleaning to tangle testing to conditioning for maximum quality results.

When we decided to make our own hair care products for production, we tested every recipe and product available upon our bulk hair in the factory. We taught the chemists at the formulators all about how to care for hair extensions and how a good conditioner must give more moisture and smoothing properties than normal. Ionix is the only hair care line for hair extensions and hair replacement that was specifically created and formulated in our lab. We use all of the Ionix products on a daily basis in our hair processing applications. Our Ionix line is an excellent choice to maintain natural or bleached blond hair and damaged hair (split ends, dry hair, over-processed hair). Hair & Compounds is the only company that processes human hair (Indian and European) and offers a wet line that was has been developed to work in conjunction with the hair we sell. When you buy the wet products from us (shampoos and special conditioners), you can rest assure that these are the highest quality products. For that reason we apply them in our production department on a daily basis. Between our India factory and the US headquarters we process hundreds of pounds of hair every month. There is no other company we know of that controls the formulation process from beginning to end; this ensures the highest quality in our products. These products were scientifically designed for hair extensions and cut human hair.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall/Winter Hair Extension Trends

Fall Fashion1Hair style trends for Fall and Winter this year showed us Braids and Hair Extensions. Looking at the NY Fashion week runway shows we saw lots of texture and volume using combinations of braiding of own hair, braiding with hair extensions, layering in hair extensions, textured ponytails and what must have been lots of dry shampoo. The braided hair looks were the most fascinating, with different twists, colors and placement.

Some are calling this a low maintenance style: A laid back look with a natural windswept appearance and soft frizzy hair. I think every hair stylist out there knows how much work this look can take to achieve. How much time and care it must take to install and style the hair extensions, not to mention some fancy textured braiding. It’s beautiful and adds another great trend for the hair extension stylist.


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Monday, October 3, 2011

Does the hair come from dead people??

imageThis is one of our top favorite questions about the origins of our hair extensions. Or perhaps they are questioning our collection methods of the elusive Russian or Eastern European Caucasian virgin hair? By now, most people are educated about the origins of Indian hair and the temple customs of a people that sacrifice their beauty. But when it comes to Caucasian hair and its country status we still get that whispered question. I can practically see their imagination running with images of secret hair collectors dressed in black, sharp shears in hand sneaking into cemeteries.

Hair collecting is actually much more mundane. Local beauty salons collect ponytail hair, which is freshly cut from a woman, and when the salon has collected a few ponytails they call a known contact that then comes out and buys the lot. They in turn sell to an exporter and these ponytails make their way to hair importers or hair extension suppliers.

It is true that we occasionally get an “old” ponytail. Meaning the hair is dry and musty and usually ends up tossed in the garbage. This means that someone’s grandmother cut their hair, wrapped it up in ribbons and a satchel and saved it in a drawer for a couple decades. In tough times with people offering to buy hair, this must seem like a great time to sell grandmother’s hair.

In the US, it has become common to donate one’s hair, in excess of a foot of healthy growth, to several non-profit organizations that provide wigs for cancer patients. So the practice of donating, either for cash or charity, is not as morbid as some imagine.

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