Saturday, November 8, 2008


Since the early days of the Egyptians, hair extensions systems have existed. Contrary to popular belief, that hair extensions were used for thinning hair, in actuality, hair extensions systems were used as cosmetic adornment that were used by both genders. In addition to cosmetic vanity, wigs served another purpose as well. To avoid infection of head lice, Egyptian men shaved their head but wore wigs to protect them from the different elements.

As time progressed, Asian countries learned to process and manufacture hair extensions to be sold all over the world. Like now, most of the hair extensions and wigs manufactured back then consisted of human hair. The main difference was the way they were applied to the wearer.

Whereas now, we have fusion techniques, clip on hair extensions and strand bond weaving, back in the day, they were fastened with a thread to the wearer's natural hair. Wigs were coated with beeswax or plant resin so that they could be secured to the wearer's scalp or natural hair.

As more things change, more things stay the same. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of hair extension products that are out in the market place. As long as society continues to judge people through their looks, hair extensions will continue to play a vital role. Everyone always loves to have nice hair! For whatever purpose you use wigs and hair extensions systems, we hope that they will inspire you to feel and give you a sense of all the possibilities that can be created.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

VHE Utah Beats Party

Utah Beats was a joint hip hop and electronic music party by L3 entertainment, featuring Three 6 Mafia and Global Deejays as headliners. The event featured an outstanding sound and light production and a huge venue (the Southtowne Expo Center). It opened with a fashion show featuring designs by Danny Nappi, and hair / makeup by VANITY HAIR EXTENSIONS.

Runway talent was provided by Pulse Management, in partnership with Elite Model Management

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VH1 Fab 40 Hair Extensions

Vanity Hair Extensions Promotional Clip

Vanity Hair Extensions Promotional Video Clip

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Vanity Hair Extensions Utahs Next Top Model

Utahs Next Top Model: Elite Model Management in conjunction with Pulse Management at the ground breaking ceremony for elites new office in Salt Lake City Utah. The celebration featured a fashion show contest for "Utah's Next Top Model". Also in attendance at the event was Elite's newest runway sensation, Ali Stephens, who was discovered on an outing with her family in Salt Lake City's Gateway Mall, and made her modeling debut walking for Prada in Milan, quickly followed by shows for Chanel, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, and a whole lot more.

The runway show featured jeans by Danny Nappi, and hair / makeup by VANITY HAIR EXTENSIONS

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Monday, June 9, 2008

"Utah Beats" Largest Dance Party Ever in SLC June 13th

The biggest and most impressive party ever done in the history of Salt Lake City. Over 15,000 people, enjoying unbelievable performances by artists from all over the world. Two massive dance floors as big as 3 football fields designed to represent both New York City and Europe. 150 security guards, a red carpet and over 6 state of the art VIP areas.

This is not just a party, but a life changing experience.

And VANITY HAIR EXTENSIONS is going to be there with ELITE MODELS
the question is are you?

L3 Entertainment and 97.1 ZHT presents

The biggest registered Party in State History

Are you ready for this?

15,000 people will experience the night of their lives,

as they create 2 of the biggest dance floors ever seen.

Representing state wide:

Global Deejays: Directly from Germany DJ Adriano Pagani: Directly from Brazil DJK & Juliotti Three 6 Mafia DJ Funk DJ Fellifel Blue Collar Theory

Elite and Pulse MGMT Grand Opening Salt Lake City

The runway show featured jeans by Danny Nappi, and hair / makeup by Vanity Hair Extensions. Liquid refreshment and entertainment booking was provided by the Park City Playground

Photography Courtesy of Eric Hamilton

Click here to view more photos of the event

We at Vanity Hair Extensions would like to congratulate Elite Models / Pulse Management on a most spectacular grand opening. We appreciated the invite and opportunity to provide hair and make up for such wonderful models!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vanity Hair Extension Fashion Show with Elite and Pulse MGMT May 31st 2008

On May 31st, we are getting the opportunity to advertise our product while Pulse Management/ Elite Modeling agency are making their big grand opening splash into Salt Lake City, Utah!

We will be doing some light make up and hair on the models for the Utah Top Model Search and our Vanity Hair Extensions banners will be hanging around, for exposure!

We are excited about this, and are working hard to get the rest of the company ready to "kick off" so to speak.

There will be a huge party to celebrate Elite coming to Utah, the
Governor, the new media, models, athletes, and so much more! We wish the best of success to Stacey Eastman!