Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Science Behind Dyeing Hair Extensions

Model 10
Over the course of a client's lifespan of hair extensions, they may choose to change their hair color. This proposes the problem of how to properly match the extensions color with the client's real hair using demi-permanent or permanent hair dye. Additionally, over the course of time, hair extensions that have been reused multiple times experience color fading.

THE PROBLEM with applying any color to the hair extension is that the results can be very unpredictable. The hair does not take color like normal scalp hair since our Hair Extension Sources use only the highest quality permanent pre-metalized fiber dyes designed for the highest longevity and color integrity. Therefore, attempting to dye the hair extension would produce an outcome that could be drastically different from your normal expectations.

THE SOLUTION is applying a color that will be the same level or darker, which offers better results than trying to lift. Lifting involves bleaching which can cause damage to the already pretreated extensions. The safest solution if your client wishes to go to a significantly lighter color tone is to encourage them to invest in new extensions for a longer lasting and better appearance. As always, if you proceed with a demi-permanent dye, a strand test is strongly recommended.

Know the Facts About Our Hair and It's Capabilities
Russian Virgin Hair: This hair type can be bleached, colored and permed but contains the same risks as chemically treating normal scalp hair. Since this is cut hair its moisture levels are lower than scalp hair and may react differently to chemicals. Your risk is that the hair may tangle.

Indian Hair: This hair type may be a mix of various hair that was bleached, dyed and/or blended to obtain a custom color and texture match (all textures are 100% natural). It is advisable not to highlight, tint, dye, perm or apply any other type of chemical process since it is likely the hair has already been treated.

European Hair: This hair type may be a mix of various hair that was bleached, dyed and/or blended to obtain a custom color and texture match (all textures are 100% natural). It is advisable not to highlight, tint, dye, perm or apply any other type of chemical process since it is likely the hair has already been treated.
"Bleach" colors do not have any dye deposits. Only this type of hair can be easily highlighted, tinted and dyed. We strongly advise against further chemical treatments on light blonds. Your risk is damaging the integrity of the hair beyond repair.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hair Elasticity and Breakage

Hair's elasticity is the measure of how well the hair will return to a normal state after being stretched. When wet, healthy hair will stretch up to 50% of its original length and return to its normal shape without breaking, while dry hair will only stretch about 20%. Hair's elasticity comes from the side bonds in the hair shaft.  The better the elasticity, the stronger the hair. Listed below are the steps to help you determine the elasticity of your hair:

Elasticity Test
Step 1: Take at least four strands of hair from different areas of the hair.
Step 2: Make the hair wet.
Step 3: Hold one end of a strand in each hand and pull the hair taut to stretch it.
ElasticNormal elasticity = the strand stretches and then returns to normal after you release it.
Low elasticity = the hair snaps or does not return to its original length.
Test each of the four strands separately. Make your decision based on the average result of the "stretch tests."

If you have low elasticity, the bad news is that your hair is very susceptible to breakage and is a high risk for hair extensions. It is not recommended to apply extensions that attach with clips or rings. You would be better off with fusion type hair extensions with low volume (to keep added weight of hair low) and use small strands to reduce stress. When it comes time for removal, your stylist should make sure the hair is wet for added strength to avoid breakage. Wet the hair with coconut oil for best results - this will not only increase the hair's strength but reduce friction and help break down the bonds.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Hair Trend for the Summer

Big Hair
Hair texture is huge right now, whether it is voluminous body, curls or crimped hair. The hottest looks on the runway this season are large, crimped, beautifully sculpted hair.

For Voluminous body:
- Style using large Velcro rollers just at the roots of the hair after washing and let it air dry.
- Apply layered hair extensions to build body.

For Crimps and Curls:
- The best bet to get curls is to use steam rollers. These provide heat so hair can conform to the shape of the rollers, and yet won't burn hair like curling irons can.
- For tiny crimps, separate hair into sections and put in 15-30 small braids depending on how much hair there is. Brush through lightly with fingers.
- Add a few rows of curly hair extensions for additional waves

Reposted by permission of Hair & Compounds, Inc (www.haircompounds.com), A Vanity Hair Extensions Supplier
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Saturday, May 15, 2010


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Characteristics of Different Types of Human Hair

Hair Extension quality is the most important factor responsible for your looks and the life span of the extensions. So it is necessary to know more about it before you go to a salon or start to shop around for extensions.

Cuticle HairThis is one kind of good human hair, its cuticle is healthy and undamaged. The cuticle locks in essential moisture and protects hair against outside elements, more important is that much of the shine is due to the cuticle, which together with the pigment within the cortex, gives hair its healthy and natural characteristic appearance, so without cuticle, hair would appear dull and lifeless, dried out and brittle. This kind of hair is very expensive. The majority of hair sold today is non-cuticle, which is less expensive, and is suitable for restyling and coloring when they are human hair.

European Human HairThis kind of hair is not necessarily from Europe, which is just one hair name of having similar structure and character. Indian hair, American hair, and European hair all can belong to European hair. Typical European hair is relatively thin and has an oval cross-section. This kind of hair is very popular for human hair products.

Asian Hair
This kind of hair is mostly Chinese hair, which is thicker than European hair and has a round cross-section. It is always dark black, so manufacturers will do an acid bath wash on the hair to make it thinner and lighter. The hair can then be processed into many different styles and colors. This type hair is less expensive as usual.

Indian Hair
Just because someone tells you that the hair is “Indian hair” doesn’t mean that the hair is of the highest quality. Quality depends on the collection method. When different types of hair are mixed with the cuticles aligned in different directions, the cuticles must be removed to prevent tangling and therefore hair will be covered with silicon making it a less quality product and therefore less expensive.

Indian Remy Hair
The finest quality hair and most beautiful hair in the world with all cuticles present and aligned in the same direction!

With over 20 years experience as a TOP-RANKED HAIR EXTENSIONS ARTISTS Mindi Memmott and Donovan Eastman, invite you discover the world’s finest Human Hair Extensions.
The high level quality of our hair extensions is matched only by the level of our passionate commitment to create your prefect experience. Without compromise, We are dedicated to making your image revolution more than just satisfactory – it has to be exhilarating!

SUPERIOR PROCESS, SUPERIOR HAIRVanity Hair Extensions use only the world’s finest Indian Temple Double Drawn Remy Human Hair. Remy means cuticle correct or that only the finest virgin hair (not treated or previously colored) is used. "Double Drawn" means that all hairs are the same length from tip to tail.

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Friday, January 8, 2010


There is a method that will work with thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, thinning hair, straight hair, damaged hair and more.

clip_image002There is not one BEST method that will work for everyone. What will work for your hair, may not work for someone else. This is why it is very important to schedule a consultation with a stylist that offers different methods so you can compare and decide which method is best for your hair.

Attaching and removing them requires special training and education.

If you end up going to a stylist that has no training and is inexperienced, you could end up with permanently damaged hair.

There are no regulations or imposed standards in the human hair industry. There are many unscrupulous suppliers.

Vanity Hair Extensions utilizes 100% human hair of the best quality. This is Indian silky hair in virgin condition. Genetically, Indian hair is very similar to Caucasian hair in its basic structure and is optimal for the manufacturing of hair extensions. The quality is extraordinary since it has never been exposed to harsh chemical treatments.

Hair Extensions require extra work on your part to maintain and keep healthy.clip_image004

Many stylists advertise that you treat extensions just like your natural hair, with no extra special maintenance required. The fact is that long hair requires extra work. It takes longer to wash, condition, blow dry and style. If you don't take care of long hair you will quickly have damaged hair.

No type of hair extension is completely undetectable.

Most salons advertise with the words "completely undetectable" If extension hair is attached to your natural hair, there will be a visible point of attachment. The skill of the stylist will eventually determine if the extensions are well disguised with your own hair.

Hair extensions have come so far today that they are really undetectable, when attached by an experienced stylist.

At Vanity Hair Extensions we have over 27 years experience in Hair Extensions. All of our hair extensions artists are licensed cosmetologists that have been thoroughly trained in all of the latest different methods of hair extensions, as well as hair extension color matching, placement, cutting and blending.

clip_image005You can get beautiful long hair just like all those celebrities and no one will know you are wearing them- unless of course you tell them.

But, there is much more involved than simply scheduling an appointment. If you go with the wrong stylist or pick the wrong method you could end up with damaged hair and spend a lot of money.

We offer FREE hair extension consultations in order to determine which hair extensions method would be best suited for your particular needs, desires and budget.

Locations in Salt Lake, Orem and St George, Utah.

Call 800.266.9568 or email info@vanityhairextensions.com to schedule your Free Hair Extensions Consultation

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