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Methods of Attaching Hair Extensions - Which One is Best For You?

There are many different ways in which you can attach real hair extensions. The method you use will mainly depend on what salon you go to, and what kind of extensions you choose to have. Although they are all very straightforward, it is useful to know a bit more about the different methods so you are aware of what the attachment entails. The first point you need to know is that attaching hair extensions should never hurt the wearer, regardless of the method so if you experience any discomfort, you need to speak to your stylist as soon as possible. Hair extensions are also believed to be able to be worn for up 4 months, but some stylists suggest that extensions should be worn for no longer than 2 weeks. This is something you can discuss with your stylist during your consultation.

Fusion is one of the more permanent methods of attachment and is the method in which extension hair is applied in wefts. Infusion attachment is when the hair is attached strand by strand. In both cases, the hair is attached using either a hot or cold form of the adhesive formula. The formula is often a keratin based product as this is known to be less damaging to both your hair and the extension hair as is a natural based protein which can also be found in your natural hair and your nails.

Bonding is one of the most commonly known methods as it is much quicker than fusion, but also as it is the most temporary method which will last up to 8 weeks, so is perfect for those who don't want to commit to a more permanent method of attachment. Bonding consists of using a glue or adhesive material which is added on to the weft of the extension hair and then applied to the roots of the wearers' hair. These are then removed with a bonding remover which dissolves the bonding formula for an easy removal.

Micro attachments can involve links, sleeves, shells or locs which the extension hair is added to before being attached the individuals' hair. Some of the micro products can be made out of special polymer materials, and can often be matched to the hair colour or be clear so that they are less visible on the head. Some of these micro methods are mainly used on over processed, very fine or silky straight hair as this type of hair may have trouble holding bonding formulas or adhesives which could lead to their extensions falling out and a waste of money for the customer. However, the advantage of using a micro method is that the shells and links can be used up to three times, giving the wearer more value for money.

Whichever method you feel is best for you, it is important that you firstly discuss with your stylist what kind of look you want and how long you ideally want to wear your extensions for. Most importantly though, you need to let your stylist give you the advice of which method would be best for you so you get the best quality for your hair. By Suzanne McMicholas

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Transform the look and feel of your hair with hair extensions

A lot of the problems that we experience with our hair can be solved with the help of hair extensions. This may seem like a vast statement to make but think about it; a lot of us often wish our locks were longer or had more volume; extensions solve both of these issues as well as give you the option of experimenting with colour and shape. Think about it, whatever style you want to achieve for your hair you are likely to achieve with the help of hair extensions.

They allow you to wear your hair both up or down with ease and can easily be applied by a licensed professional hair extensions specialist. If you do decide to have hair extensions applied there are a number of aspects that you need to keep in mind, one of these aspects revolves around the fact you look after your extensions in the same way that you would look after your natural locks. You can wash dry and style them quickly and effectively. However it is important to keep these following points in mind; you need to use extra moisturizer on your locks every two to three days, the reason for this comes down to the fact they don't receive your natural scalp oils so they need moisture added to them with every wash. So what would happen if you failed to provide your extensions with the moisture that they require? Basically your hair would become brittle, leading it to break easily causing you to suffer split ends.

When you are washing or styling your locks, it goes without saying that you should always treat them with respect, this is a thought that is backed up even more when it comes to your hair extensions. Remember, unlike your natural locks they can't grow back so pulling hard on them with a brush or burning them with a blow dryer could cause severe damage; they cost you a lot of money so make sure you get as much use out of them, rather than overly damaging them.

When it comes to treating your extensions with respect it is important that when brushing them you use what is known as a paddle brush and slowly work your way through the hair. It is important that you ensure you have all of the knots out of your locks before you wash them, go swimming or go to sleep.

Another important consideration to keep in mind where your extensions are concerned is the fact your natural locks will grow on average about 1 to 1 1/2 inches every six to eight weeks. When you have had your extensions in for this amount of time it is important that you return to your salon to have the bonds between your locks and extensions checked for damage; it is also during this time that your stylist will be able to remove the extensions and replace them if you want them placed back in.

Regular aftercare such as the above will ensure that your hair continually looks gorgeous and that everything is still ok with your bonds; this will also ensure that you get as much wear out of them as possible, so make sure you keep all of the above in mind when it comes to gaining hair extensions.

Reposted by permission of Hair & Compounds, Inc. (, a Vanity Hair Extensions Supplier.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hair Extensions – Added Value

Extensions not only add length and density to your clients' hair, but can also significantly increase your salon's bottom line.

Thanks in part to celebrity style icons like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Simpson, who seem to have a different hair length at every public appearance, consumer awareness of hair extensions is at an all-time high. "We're in the middle of a boom right now," says Sheila Stotts, who regularly works with A-listers on movie sets, editorial shoots and even in the privacy of their own homes. "But extensions are going to stay popular. People today have a 'right now' mentality, and hair extensions give them instant gratification."

"Victoria's Secret hair," is still very popular.

With an increasing number of clients requesting extensions, salons not offering this service could be missing out on a lucrative opportunity. "If you don't offer extensions, your neighbor will," says Stotts, who suggests hiring an experienced subcontractor if you don't have a certified extensionist in your salon.

Along with providing your clients with a popular service, hair extensions are a great way to boost your salon's bottom line. "We're hearing from salons across the board that clients are spreading out their cut and color appointments, causing them to lose money," says Brett Butcher, national program director for Great Lengths, a division of Hair U Wear. "However, extension clients are extremely loyal and aren't cutting back on their services. In this challenged economy, it's nice to know that extension services can add back the money that salons are losing from other services." Fernando Fischbach, vice president of Cinderella Hair, also points out that because extensions need maintenance every four to six weeks, salons are continuously servicing the client and adding to their income.

Stotts, emphasizes the importance of partnering with a reputable company that provides a strong education program. While not everyone needs to be trained on application techniques, Stotts stresses that all stylists should have a basic knowledge of the process and its benefits so that they can answer questions and sell the service.

The training required for extensions might be pricey, but the high price tag you can attach to the service makes it a very sound investment. Great Lengths recently used data collected from its salon customers to determine that the income from only two and half extension applications yields enough net profit to pay for educating the stylist. "No other service can bring in that type of revenue so quickly," Butcher says, noting that their reports showed that a salon can make more than $50,000 dollars a year from extension services.

Men can wear hair extensions, too.

One of the main reasons that extensions are both popular and profitable is because they offer clients a wide range of options for changing their look. Many people think of extensions as simply providing length—what Butcher refers to as "Victoria's Secret hair"—but they really foster creativity from the stylist and client. "Because they can be removed, extensions allow stylists to convince their clients to experiment with new styles or accents," Fischbach says. "It's highlights without chemicals and styles without commitment."

One of the big trends that industry experts are seeing is the use of extensions for increased density. "In the past, people would request a horse mane of hair, but now the volume is in the width of the head," says Stotts, who notes that more and more women are asking for extensions near the occipital, whether its because their hair is thinning on the sides or they simply want a fuller look. Stotts also notes that extensions are a quick—and noncommittal—way to give a client bangs. "Even small touches can instantly change the cut," she says.

Butcher is noticing a similar trend. "We're seeing the most growth in what we call 'corrective' work," he says, referring to adding length to broken hairs from tool overuse or creating density for clients with fine hair to help them achieve popular short styles, like Victoria Beckham's bob. "Even clients who had never considered extensions wanted them in order to achieve the strong lines in that look," Butcher says. He also notes that this often leads to more extensive extensions in the future. "When you give a client a little, they always come back wanting more," he says.

Their increasingly popular use for extensions is to add highlights and lowlights to clients' hair. Colorists shouldn't be wary of losing their clients, though. "It's a great way to introduce hesitant clients to color because there's no commitment," Stotts explains. "Colorists should be involved in the process of choosing the colors and placement."

Stotts also insists that extensions aren't just for women or Fabio-wannabes anymore. Men are increasingly turning to extensions to give their hair more density and versatility. "I'm putting extensions on the top of their heads to thicken the appearance and add texture," Stotts says. "Even just a few pieces in the front give men new options for styles, like Zac Efron's popular heavy bang."

Stylists can use extensions to come up with all sorts of new looks to make their clients happy. "Extensions allow stylists to create more interesting design work," Butcher says. "Growing your salon's business really comes straight from the stylists' creativity."

 —LORI MORRIS, American Salon Magazine
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Featured Stylist - Mindi Memmott

Mindi Memmott of Element Salon, has been a professional hairstylist, licensed instructor of cosmetology and top ranked hair extensions artist for over 27 years. From her very first hair cut, at age 16, she was "hooked".... "I am lucky that I truly found my passion"!

She became a fully licensed cosmetologist before she graduated from high school. She worked and built her clientele for a few years, then bought the salon she worked at. Mindi has owned and operated over 7 full service salons, her latest success is Element Salon . 27 years later she is still loving it!

Mindi's newest venture, along with her partner, Donovan Eastman, has been to open a hair extension salon and teaching facility, called Vanity Hair Extensions Salon and Academy.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Easily and Instantly Add Hair color, Volume; Texture to Your Hair!

Hair Extensions … their commonly accepted name does not do them justice. Professional hair extensions are not just for extending the length of your hair. Hair extensions will instantly add exciting new haircolor and highlights without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Extensions will easily build endless new volume and texture to your thin and lifeless hair. The desire for beautiful volume and texture is evident with the abundance of volumizing hair products, hairstyling tools and professional texturizing salon services. They also allow you to creatively express yourself with ornamental crystals and feathers. Instead of creating the illusion of hair color, volume or texture with these products and tools, another option is to actually add them with professional salon hair extensions.

Haircolor is very popular today, with over 75% of women now coloring their hair and a growing percentage of men following suit. Unfortunately, most men and women today are unaware or uneducated to the benefits of adding hair extensions for haircolor rather than using harsh chemical dyes. For example, Vanity Hair Extensions at Element Salon offers 81 unique haircolor shades in three different hair textures. With this many options, you are bound to find a haircolor or highlight shade that you just can't leave the salon without. With hair extensions, there are no surprises. The best thing about hair extensions for color is that it will not damage your hair, yet they will provide you with the complete haircolor or highlights you've always wanted. You can select your haircolor shades and blends, without any guessing games.

Do you want more than just the normal haircolor or highlights? Consider adding permanent or temporary fantasy haircolor, feathers and crystals to creatively express yourself. Vanity Hair Extensions at Element Salon offers an array of fantasy haircolor shades; some including apple green, bright yellow, pink, violet, orange and many more. Dual-tone fantasy haircolor extensions are also available for those women and men who want something extraordinary. Exotic haircolor shades not enough? Try accessorizing your hair with feather and crystal extension ornamentations. These are perfect for parties, weddings, proms, upstyles, special occasions or just a fun night on the town.

Women today are constantly trying to add endless volume to thin and flat hair. We all want the voluminous, shiny hair like we see on the Hollywood celebrities as well as on the television commercials and billboards. This can easily and instantly be achieved by simply adding professional hair extensions. You can choose to either have a full head of hair extensions for maximum volume or have your hair extension artist strategically place extensions where volume is needed the most. You no longer have to try product after product to get the results you want. Don't forget that you can also add texture, haircolor and highlights while adding volume with your new hair extensions. The combinations are endless!

Hair extensions are the best way to add hair color, volume, texture and length to your hair. The application methods used by VANTIY HAIR EXTENSIONS cause virtually no damage to the clients hair, and hair extensions are an easier, longer lasting alternative to chemical hair color products, harsh bleaches and other hairstyling tools. Get the hair you've always dreamed of with professional hair extensions. Whether its length, haircolor, volume or texture that you want, hair extensions are your hair dream come true!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


  • Vanity Hair Extensions, Inc is seeking Venture Capital to expand its operations nationwide.

    Hair Extensions are among the hottest cosmetic trends of the $160 billion per year world-wide beauty industry.

    According to the US Census Bureau, Americans spend more on beauty each year than they do on education.

    Bottom line people like to look and feel beautiful.

    Women, who drive most of the demand for higher-end hair services, are increasing their use of Hair Extensions.

    It makes them feel better about themselves when they look good – even in these tough economic times, woman will always find the money to make themselves look and feel better!

    It is the Mission of Vanity Hair Extensions to set the standard of excellence in the beauty industry for Hair Extensions.

    Our dedication to excellence joined with our depth of understanding and experience will enable Vanity Hair Extensions to emerge as the premier provider of products, training and services.

    The following are web links to Vanity Hair Extensions;

    Vanity Hair Extensions Website
    Vanity Hair Extensions Blog
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    Hair Extensions are Hot!

    The hair industry follows Hollywood and the Fashion Industry.

    Today, more than ever, pop stars, movie stars and fashion models are using hair extensions.

    These Celebrities are touting short cuts one week and long flowing hair the next, all done with the use of hair extensions.

    Society judges us by our looks, and hair has become a measure for the way we see ourselves within the society.

    Everyone feels better after a hair service and good looks enhance ones’ personal life.

    Therefore, it is reasonable to say, wearing hair extensions is a way to affect how society sees us.

    We will do almost anything to make an impression, and we will always find money to feed our vanity.

    The time is right for Vanity Hair Extensions Inc., A Hair Extensions Company that provides the reputation, skill, knowledge and products to take hair extensions to the next level!

    A complete Business Plan and Power Point Presentation are available upon request.