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Origin of Hair Extensions

Model 41Indian Hair (aka Asian Hair, Italian Hair): A variety of fiber types from fine and straight, medium thick with body wave and curly to thick coarse hair. Italian hair is actually Indian hair that has been processed in Italy or Spain and then sold at premium prices.

- High Quantity
- Good Quality
- Variety and Low Manufacturing Cost.
-Indian hair is popular to use for custom made hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs because it can be made to resemble European hair. Although prices for Remy Indian hair increase every 2-3 months, it is still available in the less expensive non-Remy form.
- The Indian hair fiber is small in diameter compared to Chinese hair and after chemical processing can feel and look just like European hair.
- A great attribute of Indian hair is that it comes in a full range of textures and body.

- Low Quality
- Higher Retail Cost.
- Indian hair still requires quite a lot of chemical processing to make it appear as European hair. And the efforts to maintain the integrity of Remy hair and/or buy the best quality in India can increase prices closer to European hair.
- To reduce time and materials, many manufacturers choose to work with non-Remy Indian hair, which must undergo the same processes as Chinese hair that results in a poorer quality.
- Indian hair is also known to have split ends; lice and most exporters handle the hair badly.
Common Use: The remy hair is often produced as European or Italian hair for custom-made wigs and hair extensions. The non-remy hair is processed for custom-made hairpieces, less expensive wigs, and machine and hand-made hair extensions.

Chinese Hair (aka Asian Hair): This type of hair is a thick and coarse fiber that is naturally straight and dark brown to black in color.

- High Quantity
- Durability
- Low Cost

-Strongest human hair capable of withstanding multiple chemical and mechanical processes.
- Easily mass-produced.
- Comfortable to process at the manufacturing level and there is no shortage of supply.
- Ventilating a hairpiece does not require as much skill or care as with cuticle hair.
- Poor Quality.
- Chinese hair requires extensive chemical processing to output hair that simulates European texture, color and body.
- The majority of the hair is collected and processed as double drawn, non-Remy hair that requires heavy-duty chemicals to remove cuticle layers.
- It is still at a high risk for severe tangling problems because the cuticles are large and the layers are dense.
- The thick strands reflect light differently and appear 3 times as large next to Caucasian hair.
Common Use: Inexpensive off-shelf wigs, hairpieces and machine made hair extensions.

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The Mane Event

Say so long to that tangle of wavy locks. Silky straight hair is the cutting edge of fashion.

The new trend in hair is a long, pin-straight mane. Fall's runways teemed with armies of models parading waist-skimming, perfectly pressed locks. The minimalism that has dominated fashion for the past few years has finally made its way to hair, and now is the time to restore some polish to your look, starting from the top down.

"Sleek, long hair is making a comeback because women are not feeling romantic at the moment," says hairstylist Ted Gibson, whose clients include Angelina Jolie. "Designers aren't making frilly clothes, and the hair follows the fashion. There's something about long, straight hair that feels very modern and present."

There's a discipline to glossy, straight hair, a sense of order, but even if your locks refuse to be tamed, beauty experts these days are armed with a litany of products to achieve Rapunzel-like results. Unlike in fairy tales, such transformations do not occur overnight, but you can start with an assortment of high-end ingestibles to speed things along. For those who need to jump-start slow-growing hair, Sprayology's potent Hair + Nail Tonic ($26) is a good choice. It's infused with homeopathic ingredients, including the human growth hormone 30C; you simply squirt the vitamin-packed formula under your tongue for faster assimilation. Michael Van Clarke, a celebrated hairstylist to royalty and owner of one of London's most prestigious salons, has developed a hair-care line cleverly called 3 More Inches. It uses natural cashmere proteins and amino acids to inhibit the hair's aging process, keeping it as healthy and hydrated at the ends as it is at the roots. Another accelerator gaining popularity is Fembody's Hair, Nails & Skin Beauty Activator ($24.99), a supplement that contains bamboo extract, silica, and a healthy dose of biotin (the magic ingredient for boosting hair growth).

Or if you're looking for something more immediate, hair extensions—albeit significantly more costly—are the next best thing. 

For a more hands-on approach, Philip Kingsley's clinics in London and New York offer special scalp masks. The naturally stimulating treatments are massaged into the roots and scalp to encourage blood circulation while helping to improve hair texture. There's a case to be made for intense and regular scalp massages. Designer Rachel Roy admits to splurging on the weekly hot-oil variety. "It helps with stress, and my hair is healthier," she says. "Women will go get a mani once a week and it's not a big deal. So why not your head and hair?"

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who counts Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba among her clients, affirms the use of hydrating products, along with biotin supplements, for lustrous hair. "Sofia is really good about using moisturizing masks, and she takes a biotin capsule every day," Atkin says. In addition, she recommends slathering your hair with coconut and macadamia oils, taking a daily prenatal vitamin, and, if you're over 30, a fish oil tablet. "It takes three to four weeks for results to show, but usually by then everything is growing faster." Francesca Fusco, a Manhattan dermatologist, adds, "Patients are often concerned, even obsessed, with growth." Some of Fusco's clients consider extreme measures, such as asking her to treat their scalp with Latisse, the eyelash-growing solution. She maintains that some have seen results with the HairMax LaserComb, an electric comb ($495 at Neiman Marcus) that shoots red laser light at follicles to thicken hair and stimulate growth by an average of 20 percent. It's also the only at-home laser device to grow hair that has been cleared by the FDA.

Potions and processes aside, when it comes to styling the shiny, straight look at home, Gibson says that your work starts in the shower. He recommends using his Daily Cleanse shampoo ($20) and a lightweight conditioner from the L'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert line. "You don't want too much volume at the roots," he says. "I use a flat brush, such as Mason Pearson's Popular brush [$175], for the blowout," and finish with a flat iron. Remington's new Keratin Therapy Flat Iron ($50) has ceramic plates infused with a keratin-conditioner blend to prevent further damage. "It's all about shine with this look," adds Gibson, so use hair oil, either before ironing (to keep from frying your ends) or after (to banish frizz and flyaways). Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil ($38), a nongreasy formula with super-softening argan oil, can be found in every top stylist's kit.

There is no sharper beauty statement than shiny, dead-straight locks. As with well-made clothes, when the look is clean and uncluttered, you can appreciate the art of the cut.

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Indulge in Red Velvet without the Calories; Try Red Hair Extensions

Model 43Red Velvet is more than just a dessert, it can be a the perfect beauty accessory. Think rich luxurious flowing red hair, who wouldn't want to indulge? Lighter Ivory skin-tones look great with cool red hues. Colors in the red family with a bit of brown are very flattering on yellow-based complexions and olive skin tones look best with darker reds such as burgundy.

We have red in 7 different shades. Ginger (Red 7), Copper (Red 6), Rust (Red 5), Bronze (Red 4), Crimson (Red 3) and Merlot (Red 2).

A great way to add life and dimension to hair is to add highlights. Instead of going with the usual highlights with dye, try hair extensions. Not only does it allow you to mix multiple colors, but it also adds volume.  Some of the lighter shades are perfect as a highlighter. For example, the Ginger (Red 7) or even the Bleach 7 would accentuate a dirty blond hair color and add tons of life to dull drab hair.

Dyeing to Maintain Red Hair Color?

If you have ever had your hair dyed red, you know the upkeep it takes to keep that hue fresh and bright. Every 2 to 3 weeks, you'll need a touch up. Red hair dye is among the hardest to maintain for a simple reason. When you artificially color your hair with red dye, you are introducing color molecules that expand with the aid of hydrogen peroxide and trap themselves under the cuticle layer in the cortex. Artificial reds are the smallest molecules and are the easiest to dislodge and wash out.

Here are some techniques we can use to extend the life of red hair:
1) Anti-oxidants that can slow fading and act as a sunscreen to protect hair from sun damage.
2) Try to wash your hair as little as possible. Dry shampoo comes in handy to freshen up oily roots and maintain hair styles.
3) Use color enhancing shampoos and conditioners specifically for red shades. Most likely, they will contain less harsh substances that accelerate color loss.
4) Keep hair well moisturized with conditioners and treatments.
5) Get a Red Cellophane gloss treatment. It enhances the color, seals it and adds a glossy finish that lasts up to 6 weeks.
6) Use Cool water to wash your hair, especially when rinsing conditioner out.
7) Avoid using hair dryers and other heated styling tools.
8) Want a natural way to enhance color? Try beet juice, carrot juice or Henna; leave on for 1 hour, then rinse.

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